Tea Ceremony Classes

Big thanks to our first tea ceremony class of 2017 for a great evening!  Join us next time!
Video: February 2017 Intro to Tea Ceremonies Class 

Upcoming Class:
Tuesday, July 4, 2017   6:00 - 7:45 pm
Intro to Tea Ceremonies

Tea Class Friday, February 19th

Intro to Tea Ceremonies
A beginner-friendly group class introducing the basics of a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. Learn about the different varieties of tea, the proper etiquette used, and the foundations of performing the ceremony yourself. 
$50 per person

Premium Oolong Tea Class
Get to know the different types of premium Oolong teas. Learn how to differentiate between the regions of WuYi Mountain, Guangdong Dan Cong, and Fujian provinces. Discover the art of tea brewing specific to Oolong.
$85 per person

Aged PuErh Tea Class 
A special opportunity to taste a variety of Treasure Green's most precious PuErh. Familiarize yourself with raw and cooked PuErh teacakes, bricks, and waffles from the province of Yunnan. 
$120 per person


Private Tea Classes

Private Tea Classes are also available for corporate events, special events and team building events.  Please contact us for more information.