Past Events

November 14, 2014 // Teas Featured at FUSE Vancouver Art Gallery 2014

A premium tea tasting experience at FUSE! 


featuring artworks by Paul Wong, Tea Master Olivia Cheung, Treasure Green Tea Company and The Flower Factory.

ORCHID TEA GALLERY - FUSE Vancouver Art Gallery
Friday, November 14, 2014 8pm to 1am 
Art | Music | Performance

September 27, 2014 // Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden Event

Olivia is very pleased to partner with Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden to host this special event and feature our exclusive premium tea tasting experience and “Hidden Treasure marTEAni” 

Treasure Green is contributing all proceeds from this event to the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden.

Treasure Green Gift @ Garden

1993 Xiaguan Pu-erh Xiao Tuo Cha Cooked/Shou

Xiaguan Tea Factory 下關普洱小沱 下關茶廠 熟沱

Xiaguan, Yunnan is well-known for producing quality Tuo Cha. Each Xiao Tuo Cha (mini tea cake) is hand pressed and individual wrapped in rice paper, cellared and aged. The great care taken in the storage process contributes to this tea’s beautiful, balanced flavour.

The subtle woody rich flavour and full-bodied texture is perfect to accompany or enjoy after meals. The great “Cha Qi” (energy) is lifting but not abrasive. One of my favourite teas to relax and unwind. 

Treasure Green's Emerald (Silver) 安徽 品(字)綠翡翠 


One of our most famous and exclusive premium green teas from Treasure Green. This special tea comes from mountainous regions in Anhui Province with an average altitude of 800 meters.

The sweet taste and silky texture has an amazing sweet scent and well-rounded taste making it a delicious and inspiring green tea. The lushly harmonious texture produces a deliciously soft infusion with vibrant sweet grassy flavour and hint of nutty notes. Also can be a great iced tea or Green Tea MarTEAni, ask us for the recipe.

Treasure Green Charcoal Roast Tieguanyin (Oolong) 安溪 金姐炭焙鐵觀音

Tieguanyin is a premium variety of Oolong tea. The tea leaves are a tightly curled dark bold black colour. This is an exclusive tea to Treasure Green, Completely hand processed artisan collection by Tea Master Mr. Jin Je.

This tea is one of my favourite for the fall and winter. The warming effect, rich flavour, and complexity of taste are truly enjoyable particularly for those who also savor scotch and full bodied wines.

Golden Buddha Cliff - charcoal dried 50% 武夷山 金佛

Golden Buddha tea in Wuyi Mountain is an aristocracy cliff tea. Golden Buddha tea base is located in Wuyi Mountain's scenic Star Village, an average of more than 600 meters above sea level. A good geographical environment to ensure the quality of tea with a intense cliff rhyme.

Taste characteristics is unique, the bud is tight, short and hypertrophy. Soup with brown translucent, shiny like tea seed oil. The cliff rhyme scent and the brown leaves promotes a sweet and silky like flavour in each sip. Prominent sweetness even after tenth brew with out fainting it traditional unique roasted and cliff flavor. 

‘Hidden Treasure MarTEAni’ with Golden Buddha Cliff Tea

Heavy and mellow taste, light and lasting smoky fragrance; for those who appreciate fine cigars and whisky. Golden Buddha Cliff offers great medicinal benefits such as rejuvenation; lower high blood pressure; improve immune system. A bright orange tea liquid makes our ‘Hidden Treasure MarTEAni’ unique and has a class of its own. Premium Version Recipe - Cold infusion Ingredients and Directions – serves two

April 28, 2014 // EVERYTHING WILL BE - Director Julia Kwan

Treasure Green Tea Company is excited and proud to support Director Julia Kwan in her latest file release "Everything Will Be" which featured in the 2014 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF).  Olivia from Treasure Green is profiled in this film.

The 33rd annual Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) brought some of the finest British Columbia produced films to Vancouver screens this fall. The 13 features confirmed for the BC Spotlight include the newest work from celebrated filmmakers Vic Sarin and Julia Kwan (both past VIFF award winners),

EVERYTHING WILL BE - Director Julia Kwan

Director: Julia Kwan | Trailer
National Film Board of Canada

This feature documentary by Sundance award-winning director Julia Kwan captures the subtle nuances of a culturally diverse neighbourhood—Vancouver’s once-thriving Chinatown—in the midst of a transformation that plays out across many ethnic enclaves in North America. The community’s oldest and newest members offer their intimate perspectives on the shifting landscape as they reflect on change, memory and legacy. Night and day, a neon sign that reads “EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT” looms over Chinatown. Everything is going to be alright. The big question is—for whom?

Film Credits - director Julia Kwan, producer David Christensen

November 6, 2011 // Treasure Green's 30th Anniversary

Updates to Treasure Green Tea Company 
'Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary' in 2011

We are extremely excited to present our new logo and brand evolution.  Treasure Green’s eagerness will continue to offer the best selection of quality teas and fine experiences. 

Treasure Green Tea Company

The new logo embraces and respects our heritage and at the same time represents our excitement as we celebrate our 30th Anniversary and embrace the future.  The brown and green symbolize the diversity of our tea types and the wide range of non-fermented to fully fermented teas.  Most importantly it reflects the energy and liveliness in a modern tea world, while continuing to honour our rich legacy. 

In the center of leaf is the original Chinese calligraphy writing created by my father, the founder, and represents the integrity, quality and consistency of our products and the family business. 

The word is the first character in the Chinese name of our business and contains a very special insightful meaning.

Treasure Green Tea Company

My father, Mr. Kwok Sun Cheung started the business in 1981.  His vision to choose this character was with the full intent that one day the business would be carried on by one of his daughters.  Luckily it is me.

The word has two parts to it, the character on the left means “girl” and the character on the right means “young”.  ... I was a young girl then.  Two parts together forms the word “amazing” or “extraordinary”.  ... of course that's me now, ha ha ...!  

I am very proud of my father and his insightfulness and creativity, and I am happy to share this great story with you.

Let us celebrate together this year for our 30th Anniversary as we unveil the many special events that come ahead.  Lets keep connected and 'unwind with the wildness of tea'.


Thank you for being a loyal customer and good friend.

Cheers, Olivia