Teas Featured at FUSE Vancouver Art Gallery 2014

Wes Lake

West Lake Long Jing
(Dragon Well)
 浙江 西湖龍井

aromatic & elegant, bestseller

West Lake Long Jing is harvested at the end of April after the rainy season. The leaves shape are flat and slim, but slightly thicker than the first flush of Long Jing and because the leaves are thicker the tea offers a bolder taste. 

This tea's beautifully signature nutty aroma is very pronounced, followed with a hint of chestnut note.

  • Antioxidant Level: High
  • Caffeine Content: Low
  • Origin: Hangzhou, Zhenjiang, China

Unknown Year Pu-erh (bestseller) Pu-erh Tea

Unknown Year Pu-erh
雲南 不知年普洱

silky & delicate, bestseller

Unknown Year Pu-erh is a tribute tea that has small leaves with buds. This tea's specialty is its exceptional smoothness and yet great presence of the traditional earthy taste with a high woody fragrance.

One of the very well liked tea in this category.

  • Antioxidant Level: Low
  • Caffeine Content: Medium
  • Origin: Yunnan, China


    A premium tea tasting experience at FUSE! 


    featuring artworks by Paul WongTea Master Olivia Cheung, Treasure Green Tea Company and The Flower Factory.

    ORCHID TEA GALLERY - FUSE Vancouver Art Gallery
    Friday, November 14, 2014 8pm to 1am 
    Art | Music | Performance