Brewing Guide for Ku Ding One Leaf Tea


Tips on making the perfect pot of Chinese Tea. Teas in each category are unique. please use this is as a guide to match individual tastes
  • Tea Type                                            Ku Ding One Leaf Tea
  • Water Temp °C/ °F                            95°C / 203°F
  • Tea per 250 ml water (grams)           1 piece
  • 1st Infusion Steep Time (seconds)   120 sec
  • + Infusions (seconds)                        + 30 sec
  • Maximum No. of Infusions                3 
  • Teapot Type Recommended            Porcelain
  1. Always start by cleaning and washing the teapot with boiling water.
  2. Place the suggested 1 piece in the warm pot and rinse it with hot water. This action brings out the initial flavour of tealeaves.
  3. Warm teacups with hot water.
  4. Never fill up a cup one at a time. Arrange the cups in a circle and pour the brew out in a continuous circular motion.
  5. In other words, pour a small amount of tea into each cup in a few rounds until they are full. This ensures the taste of the tea is perfectly balanced.