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Night Blooming Floral Dan Cong in Cloisonné Canister 烏崬夜來香單欉

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Night Blooming Floral Dan Cong 烏崬夜來香單欉


The 'Night Blooming Floral Dan Cong' stands as one of the precious and renowned variations within the realm of Phoenix teas. Its moniker, 'Night Blooming Floral Dan Cong,' derives from the enchanting phenomenon wherein the freshly plucked leaves emit an aroma akin to the natural scent of night blooming flowers during the nocturnal 'oxidation' process. This scent gradually intensifies until the 'fixation' stage, thus justifying the name.

The leaves of Night Blooming Floral Dan Cong tea are tightly coiled, rather straight, and exhibit a lustrous light brown hue. They possess a naturally fragrant bouquet reminiscent of florals, with a rich honeyed essence. The tea crafted from ancient trees and high mountain tea imparts a clear and tranquil allure, capturing the essence of numerous blossoms.

Each sip leaves behind a subtle creamy aroma. The tea infusion is robust and viscous, offering a sweet and invigorating flavour, underscored by a unique charm that bestows a brilliant golden shade to the liquid. The lingering aftertaste persists, and the tea endures multiple infusions with grace. Its leaves carry distinct mountain and floral characteristics, featuring green centers and red edges, presenting a tender and consistent appearance.

夜來香鳳凰單叢是鳳凰單叢花蜜香型珍貴名叢之一, 原產於烏崬獅頭腳,主產地鳳西丹湖。 夜來香單叢因成茶具有自然夜來香的花香而得名。又據茶農介紹:在夜晚「做青」時,鮮葉發出「水香」一陣比一陣高,直至「殺青」工序結束為止,故名。 夜來香單叢成茶條索緊結,較直,淺褐色油潤,具有自然的夜來香花味,花蜜香濃郁,老叢樹韻內斂沉穩,高山茶韻清幽,深得夜來香神韻,絲絲奶香留駐。夜來香單叢茶湯粘稠,甜而不膩,苦而不澀,甘醇鮮爽,韻味獨特,湯色金黃明亮,回甘持久,十分耐沖泡。山韻叢韻鮮明,葉底軟亮勻稱,綠腹紅邊,柔嫩勻整 

  • 6g packaged in Cloisonné Canister
  • Product Code: MT442

Brewing Guide: tool - porcelain or terracotta teapot, 6g 150ml 20 sec 100°C, repeat the same for 1 – 4th brews, add  5-10 secs after 5th brew, 12+ brews.

 More about Cloisonne Canister 琺琅彩工艺

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