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2016 Aged Tangerine Peel White Tea Cake 陳皮白茶

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2016 Aged Tangerine Peel White Tea Cake 陳皮白茶

The combination of aged white tea and aged tangerine peel is naturally harmonious in both appearance and inner qualities. White tea clears heat, dispels cold, reduces fire, and detoxifies, while tangerine peel, with its warm nature, regulating qi plus many other health benefits.  When used together, especially when brewed in a teapot, the effect is better, the taste is richer, and the health benefits are very significant. It can be considered an excellent health product for daily consumption.

Tangerine peel is warm in nature, tastes pungent and slight bitter, it contains a significant amount of volatile oil and has the functions of regulating qi.  It is often used to treat symptoms such as chest and abdominal fullness, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, and excessive phlegm in coughing.

In traditional Chinese medicine, many well-known pharmacies purchase white tea from Fuding every year and store it for some time for use as medicine or as a medicinal auxiliary. This may be a secret that many tea enthusiasts are not aware of.

陈皮性温,味辛苦,入脾、肺经。据测定,含有较多的挥发油,具有理气、调中、燥湿、化痰的功效. 白茶入药典,很多著名的药店每年都会到福鼎收购白茶,存一段时间,为药或药引子,这可能很多茶友不知道的秘密。


  • Vintage: 2016
  • each cake: 5-5.5g
  • Product Code: WF430

Brewing Guide: tool - porcelain or ceramic, 1 pack 5g +/- 150ml 60 sec 100°C, add 10-15 sec after 3rd brew, 8-10 brews

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