Yixing Terracotta Teapots

Yixing Terracotta Teapots 宜興紫砂茶壶

Each Yixing Terracotta Teapot from us is carefully selected for authenticity in Yixing. Yixing Terracotta is from Yixing clay and has a special mineral composition that does not exist anywhere else in the world.

Why use a Yixing Terracotta Teapot? 

Yixing Terracotta Teapot are porous and retains the water temperature well.   It absorbs the flavor and aroma of tea during brewing.  After prolonged use, the teapot retains the flavor of the tea and a patina will appear, value of the terracotta will appreciate.  For this reason detergent should not be used to clean teapots. Only steep one type of tea in a particular pot, so it will not changed the flavor that has been absorbed.

There are other regions that make teapots, but does not has the same characteristics of the Yixing Terracotta, they may look similar but would not be porous and may content lead.

That is why each teapot from Treasure Green Tea Company is carefully selected for authenticity in Yixing.

Initial Seasoning of the teapot is also an important step, the procedure clean out any residue and to allow the pores to open.  Every piece of terracotta you purchased we will do the seasoning for you with the tea type that you intend to you use it for.  It will be ready to use when it gets to you!!!