White Tea 白茶

The best White Tea comes from Fuding (Chinese: 福鼎市; pinyin: Fúdǐngshì) in northeastern of Fujian's border with Zhejiang province.

The main varieties of white teas are White Peony, White Silver Needle and Shou Mei. White Peony has silvery green leaves in the shape of flowers and once brewed the buds holds a greenish and amber appearance, it has a reputation of a Peony.

White tea is taken from white narcissus kinds of tea to be the superior quality. The white tea collected from white tea buds called " Baihaoyinzhen " (white silver needle) because the color white as silver and shaped like needles, There are over 60,000 pieces of white silver needle in one pound of tea, making this tea very precious. The aroma is fresh, taste is mellow, sweet, and the leaves are uniform.

White Peony tea are hand picked, it consists of one bud and two leaves, very beautifully uniform, and has a fuller body then White Silver Needle and carry no bitterness at all.

White Tea is the least processed tea and therefore contents the highest antioxidant level. Yes more than Green Tea. Studies also found that regular white tea drinkers have a greater bone density and strength than other tea drinkers. It may also benefit people with arthritis and osteoporosis.

I especially enjoy the Organic White Silver Needle, the superior smoothness is unmatched with other tea in this category. The scent of honey like aroma and sweetness aftertaste is perfect for anytime or when you want to unwind. I enjoy it in the evening with my quiet moments. 

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