Olivia, Second Generation Tea Master

This October, we are featuring premium Oolong teas from three different regions, each with its own character and aroma. The ultimate Oolong experience from Treasure Green.

Taster Pack of three Oolong premium teas $29.00 ... limited time only ...

Scent of the Concubine - wow, was definitely  my first impression. The extreme playful aroma begins from citrus to multi floral. The first brew offers a medium body and transforms to a full body mouthfeel by the third infusion with a persistent aroma.   No bitterness at all … of course concubines should not be bitter!

Imperial Orchid Dan Cong Oolong - the sweet, fruity aromas are so captivating. This tea keeps me going for the whole afternoon. A gorgeous rich taste that hydrates through the day. Tried a cold brew, a brew was simply made by used tealeaves and steeped in cold water overnight. You will be surprised how clean and flavourful it is the next day.  

Big Red Tunic Wuyi Mountain - hats off to the farmer who handcrafted this tea for us from Wuyi Mountain. Each step was taken with care and passion. The unique aroma of osmanthus flowers with mild charcoal scent. A rich and flavourful texture so well balanced it creates the perfect Oolong experience!

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Oolong Tea Growing Regions highlighted in green.

Oolong Tea Growing Regions highlighted in green