• Superior Wuyi Aged Golden Buddha 武夷極品金佛

    Oolong Tea

  • Superior Wuyi Aged Golden Buddha 武夷極品金佛 harvested from Jiulong Zhai, Wuyi Mountain, Fujian where “mother brunches” of Da Hong Pao are grown.

    The beautiful leaves are tightly and uniformly twisted with thin hoarfrost; dry leaves have a beautifully fragrant and complex bouquet of roasted and floral scent. Undergone two charcoal drying stages in five years apart to perfect the aging process.

    Its distinctive floral and charcoal fragrances are long lasting, tastes are rich and smooth on the palate with perfectly integrated tannins and balance of pleasant astringency. The flavours culminate in a long and lasting aftertaste. The unique strong rock-essence is the reason what oolong lovers savour.

    • Antioxidant Level: Medium
    • Caffeine Content: High
    • Origin: Wuyi Mountain, Fujian, China
    • Product Code: LF227
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