Oolong Tea 烏龍岩茶

Wuyi Mountain (Chinese: 武夷山; pinyin: Wǔyíshān) is in the northwest of Fujian province, in China.

Wuyi Oolong tea category is a semi-fermented tea. Its gorgeous uniform green leaves with red trim produces a deep orange bright tea. It has a lingering and refreshing aftertaste, and it has boldness of a black tea and the scent of a green tea. It truly is a complete tea treasure!

This tea has magical health benefits that can prevent hypertension, cardiovascular disease, lower blood lipids, cholesterol, anti-radiation, anti-aging, promote weight loss, digestion, and enhance complexion. Also, it has a pleasant astringent that can cool the throat.

Wuyi Oolong tea offers a lingering sweet taste with a long lasting fragrance into the seventh brew. A popular tea around the world, Wuyi Oolong tea is a complete elegant beauty in taste and appearance!

Exclusive to Treasure Green are the Oolongs that are charcoal dried for eleven days. Best this year is: Yellow Goddess OolongGolden Goddess Oolong, and great selection in Cliff Oolong

Golden Goddess Oolong is one of my favourites. It has a beautiful fragrant of an orchid and complex bouquet. It’s rich and smooth on the palate with perfectly integrated tannins and balanced acidity. It wakes up all senses! Simply delicious!

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