Jasmine Tea 茉莉

Jasmine Tea (Chinese: 茉莉花茶; pinyin: mòlìhuā chá) comes from jasmine blossoms or jasmine buds. This tea has a scent that smells like spring floral. From ancient times to date, jasmine is treasured by the people in Asia, and Middle East because they are charmed by its fascinating fragrance. The jasmine scent is classified as a world class fragrance, and has a supreme smooth taste.

Jasmine teas are blended with green tea. Depending on the grade and quality of green tea, and number of times it’s blended with jasmine tips, will determine the quality of the jasmine tea and its aroma. For example, the Yin Hao Jasmine Tea (First Grade) is blended with high quality green tea and mixed with jasmine silver tips for over 21 times. The more silver tips it has the more smoothness it offers.  

Some health benefits that jasmine tea offers are: anti-inflammatory, detoxification, improves liver function and eyesight, lowering blood pressure, cardiac function, and anti-aging.

My trained palate loves the Dragon Ball Jasmine Tea. It has a smooth, delicate, and intense flavour with a top note jasmine scent. Overall, it has an excellent balance to it. Also, it has a relaxing effect, which can be beneficial at stressful times.

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