Iron Buddha Tea 鐵觀音 (Tieguanyin)

The best Iron Buddha Tieguanyin 鐵觀音 comes from Anxi County in Fujian. It is a premium variety of Chinese Oolong tea. Depending where it’s produced, Tieguanyin can have different characteristics.
Traditionally, Iron Buddha was semi fermented, and dried in high fire. This contributes to its strong roasted flavour. With the popularity of green tea in the mid 1990’s, tea masters started to produce a lightly fermented Iron Buddha in an attempt to achieve the same notoriety.

The lightly fermented Iron Buddha is oxidized from 10% to 20% and dried in the low temperature. The results produced a high floral scent and character. This version of Iron Buddha had become very popular. Thus, low fermentation carries more floral, and high fermentation offers more roasted flavour. 

If you prefer the traditional bolder taste, Superior Roasted Iron Buddha in our collection is a great choice. Or, for the cooler days, I enjoy the Treasure Green Charcoal Roasted Tieguanyin. It has an intense charcoal flavour, mild sweetness, superbly balanced that persists into a long, elegant finish with a noticeable pleasant astringency.

For a high floral, we recommend our Floating Scent Iron Buddha. It offers a fresh and fruity scent. On the palate, the tea is round, juicy and complex. The taste of the leaves unfolds in subsequent brews.

We are proud to be the only store that has fresh low fermentation Iron Buddha Tea that arrives every month; nothing sits on our shelves for more than a month. We are dedicated to bring you the best!

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