Herbal Tea 草本茶

Herbal Tea comes from a wide range and variety of natural herbs. There are common herbal teas like wild chrysanthemum, rose bud, snowy chrysanthemum, and other flower bud teas.

Herbal teas are often consumed for their physical or medicinal effects. For example, its high antioxidant content can lower blood sugar, promotes stamina, and increase mental alertness. It is also found to balance body hormones and nervous system response. It’s usually decaffeinated; thus, a good choice for evening relaxation.

Two of the best sellers in this category are the Rooibos Provence and Rooibos Chocolate MintRooibos Provence has a stunning sweet note, like walking into a confessionary store. The taste is mellow and has hint of sweetness. Rooibos Chocolate Mint has an “After Eight” chocolate taste, which can satisfy those cravings.  Brewing guide for Herbal Tea

    Flower Bud Tea 花蕾Treasure Green’s selection of Flower Bud teas are pesticide and caffeine free, and have many health benefits. The flower buds can be infused alone or added to your favourite teas to create a whole different taste experience. Blending should happen when you are ready to brew. Not only to keep the flowers fresh, but also to control the strength of the tea.

    Flower Buds should be treated and stored just like teas in order to maintain its freshness and natural fragrance. Treasure Green’s Flower Buds are stored in the fridge to ensure its quality. 

    I am a loyal fan of the Snowy Chrysanthemum. It has a beautiful bright orange colour, subtle floral aroma, noticeable smoothness and sweetness finishing. I can sip on this all day!  Brewing guide for Flower Bud Tea

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