First Flush Premium Green Tea Spring 2016

Whew, it is nice to be back from my buying trip to China, I brought back some fantastic First Flush Premium Green Tea from the mountains of Anhui. First flush is the first pick of the year; the tea leaves are the most delicate, precious and limited in quantity. 

From this selection of new teas my favourite is the Anhui Lan Xiang Green. The leaves are hand picked and processed, beautiful and uniform leaves, green like jade colour, with a fresh aroma. This tea has a refreshing and mild sweet taste, each sip is smooth and gives a feeling of waking up in a perfect sunny morning.  clockwise from the top - 

Pi Lo Chun Green Tea First Flush 碧螺春 
Anhui Lan Xiang Green First Flush 汀溪蘭香
Mei Jia Wu Long Jing First Flush 梅家塢龍井

    Happy Mother’s Day! Hope to see you soon. Happy Tea Time!