Black Tea 紅茶

Black Tea is fully oxidized and harvested from the shrub, Camellia sinensis. Its name came from the natural form of its’ leaves, which is a deep reddish tone. Black teas are generally stronger in flavour than green teas and other semi-fermented teas. Some popular and well-known black teas are Keemun Black Tea, and Yunnan Black Tea. In addition, black teas can be blended with flowers such as rose buds, or osmanthus.

Because black teas are rich in nutrients, it forms a unique black colour, aroma, and taste. Some nutrients it contains are: carotene, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, glutamic acid, alanine, aspartic acid. Many studies have shown that black teas can reduce the risk of stroke, and is good for your cardiovascular system.

Due to the caffeine content, black tea is a great pick-me-up, or substitution for coffee. Our best selling Yunnan black teas are great in the morning. For example, many tea lovers crave our Yunnan Imperial Golden Bud black tea as a morning or afternoon delight tea. This tea has a daring chocolaty and malty aroma. The taste is smooth and bold, and finishes with a sugar cane like sweetness. Drink it alone, or enjoy it with milk. This tea is delightful to drink!

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