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  • Top 5 Gifts Under $30

    As the years go by, we meet new people who sometimes become really important in our lives. Growing families, new friends & colleagues make the holidays so much fun, but gift-giving can also get a little out of hand (and a little pricey).

    We want to help you give a thoughtful gift to a special person, without having to break the bank. If you have a secret santa gift exchange coming up, or want to treat your favourite teacher/colleague/neighbour/friend, this list might be able to help.  

    Here are our top 5 gifts under $30 that any tea lover can enjoy over the holidays! 

    Treasure Green Select 品味三入精選系列

    1. Treasure Green Select

    This customizable gift collection is perfect for someone who is wanting to explore new teas across all tea types. Complete with 3 classic loose leaf teas, 2 porcelain teacups, and steeping teabags - all presented in our gift box, hand-painted by artists in the LiaoNing province.

    Artisan Tea Press

    2. Artisan Tea Press

    We swear by this tea press. It is super easy to use, great to use at home or at work, and is the most efficient filtration system for tea lovers who are on the go. Take full control over your tea with its patented press valve, allowing you to steep your leaves to your desired strength. 

    Season's Blend 2017 Amaretto Forest

    3. Season’s Blend- Amaretto Forest

    Our Tea Master’s newest Season’s Blend- a velvety-smooth, full-bodied tea that will give you the sweet aroma of warm almonds. 100g presented in our Treasure Green re-usable tin, this is the sweetest gift of the season. 

    White Gold Nuggets 小金粒白茶

    4. White Gold Nuggets

    Don’t mistake these for chocolates- these are actually premium pressed White tea! Rich, honey undertones, ultra-high in antioxidants, and packaged in a beautiful gift tin for an easy stocking stuffer or gift.

    Travel Glass Brewer

    5. Travel Glass Brewer

    Quick, easy, on-the-go. This travel brewer allows tea lovers to brew and sip on their favourite teas all day without interrupting their busy lifestyles. Comes with a removable infuser for control over brews and a sleeve to protect the hands.

    6. BONUS

    TEA! Of course we have our whole selection of 200+ teas that offers you unlimited gift options for all your favourite people. We will gladly help you find the most suitable Green, Black, White, Herbal, Jasmine, Oolong, or Pu-erh tea for your gift-receiver.

    For a special touch, package your tea in our 50g or 100g reusable tin or ask us about our other packaging options! These are only a few gifts you could find in Treasure Green on a budget. This year, we have launched our brand new packaging and are very excited to share our new look during the holidays.

    We always offer gift packaging for our products so make sure to leave a note or contact us so that we can customize your gift they way you would prefer.

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