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  • 7 Teas To Warm You Up From The Inside

    Christmas is right around the corner.. Are you ready?  

    During the cosy time, our favourite thing to do it share tea with friends and family. And in Vancouver, it can get quite chilly. Sometimes, thick coats and many layers just aren’t enough!

    Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the best health lies when the body is perfectly balanced. Everyone has a different body type and therefore carries different warm (Yang) or cool (Yin) energies within. If you find that you’re more sensitive to cool temperatures than others, you are likely carrying ‘Yin’ energy. This means that ‘Yang’ teas are more ideal for your body type as it warms up your body and will help to neutralize your internal temperature. 

    But drinking ‘Yang’ teas are beneficial to everyone at this time of year and there’s nothing better than warming up from the inside out so here is a list of our most ‘Yang’ teas!

    1. Superior Roast Iron Buddha (TieGuanYin/Iron Buddha)
    2. Top Grade Yunnan Puerh (Pu-erh)
    3. Traditional Lapsang Souchong (Not the smoky one! Black Tea)
    4. Gu Shu Yunnan Black (Black Tea)
    5. Aged Wild Shou Mei (White Tea)
    6. Organic White Silver Needle (White Tea)
    7. Treasure Green Charcoal Roast Iron Buddha (TieGuanYin/Iron Buddha)

    Roasted Oolongs, full-bodied Pu-erhs, smooth Black teas, and aged White teas are what you are looking for in examples of warming teas. This selection is amongst our favourites in the store and and can be packaged as great gifts. Just don't forget to get some for yourself too!

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