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    March Taster PackSome New Some Sweet, Some Rare “

    Qi Wu Special Pressed Oolong

    In translation, it means Weird Oolong Tea. This tea is an aged oolong found in the Fujian province. 

    Each mini pressed oolong can be used to make up to 20 brews and each brew requires the hottest water possible to release its fragrance, smoothness, and sweetness.  If you decided to use another method it just wouldn't work … weird.  Each cake is ~ 9-10g

    Gu Shu Yunnan Black

    Freshly harvested from the Yunnan Province, Gu Shu is a delicate, smooth black tea that is full of flavour and carries a sweet aftertaste. A hint of chocolate will leave you with a sweet finish.  Pack of 25g

    Yunnan Green Tea

    Also from the Yunnan province, this green tea is a brand new 2017 harvest. It is a full bodied tea for those who like a bolder mouthfeel and a nutty aftertaste.  Pack of 50g

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