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  • November features Premium Pu-erh Tasting Experience

    Olivia, Second Generation Tea Master

    In November, we are featuring three premium Pu-erh teas, each with its own amazing character and aroma for you to taste!

    Taster Pack of three premium Pu-erh teas $29 .. limited time only ..

    2012 Colourful Yunnan Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake - one of our exclusive collection, this tea was selected and hand compressed by me! The special blend comes from premium tea harvested from the Six Famous Tea Mountains of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province in 2012.

    My first impression of this blend was rich floral to the nose, the leaves are large and uniform, rich flavour with a hint of sweetness in the first brew. The sweetness is persistent and even more noticeable in the subsequent brews followed with a nice perfect “Gan” aftertaste. I especially enjoy the smoothness in each brew as it continues to offer the great silky smooth texture to the palate. A characteristic not found in any three-year old raw pu-erh, definitely worth collecting or at least a taste!

    Love Amalgamate 1993 & 2006 - one of teas that my father imported in the early 1990’s is this Pu-erh Y562. It was a special selection of premium teas from Yunnan that were produced for export to different parts of Asia, North America and Europe.

    We recently released this tea from our tea cellar as I decided to do a house blend of this aged cooked tea with a raw tea. I wanted a higher floral with added complexity and aftertaste. The result is beautiful and I really enjoyed this blend as it offers both a complexity in taste and aroma. Offering the characteristics of both cooked and raw pu-erh is definitely a good marriage!

    1993 Xiaguan Pu-erh Xiao Tuo Cha Cooked - When it comes to pu-erh experience, I will always enjoy the Xiao Tuo Cha, my father’s favourite in this category. Tuo Cha was my family’s ritual for decades as a social beverage as it offers good number of brews and soothing to the palate and of course to the stomach.

    The nice full-bodied mouth feel and earthy note gives a great warming sensation. Don’t forget to look for the rich tea cloud on the surface of the cup in the 3rd brew. This tea is fabulous!

    Premium Pu-erh Tasting Experience

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