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  • Olivia, Treasure Green @ FUSE Vancouver Art Gallery Friday, November 14

    WHEW! It was a fantastic evening at FUSE. I hope everyone has enjoyed the Orchid Tea Gallery; Treasure Green partnered with Paul Wong. 
    Again great appreciation to all the staff and volunteers, they worked very hard to make a memorable night for all of us!  x.o.

    A premium tea tasting experience at FUSE! Join us at the ORCHID TEA GALLERY featuring artworks by Paul WongTea Master Olivia Cheung, Treasure Green Tea Company and The Flower Factory.

    ORCHID TEA GALLERY - FUSE Vancouver Art Gallery
    Friday, November 14, 2014 8pm to 1am 
    Art | Music | Performance

    Art and culture of the past and present collide in unexpected ways on this night of performance inspired, in part, by the Forbidden City. Guest curated by internationally acclaimed video artist Paul Wong and produced by MediaLab, it will be an unforgettable night of counter revolutionaries riffing and mashing new party ideas with old traditions.


    Watch the FUSE 10 min video and see our tea ceremony starts at 01:30 mins.

    Revolution Counter Revolution from Paul Wong Projects on Vimeo.


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