Gift Guide For All The Tea Lovers In Your Life

It’s the time of the year when we connect with friends and family, share gifts and special moments, and most importantly, indulge in lots and lots of delicious food. We love it! Treat yourself, it’s been a busy year for all of us.

After a big meal, the first thing we like to reach for is a steaming hot cup of tea. There’s so many reasons why we believe tea is best- don’t get us wrong, we love our coffee and hot cocoa too- but there’s no better feeling than finishing off the meal with a soothing, cleansing tea. They're lightweight, warming, and packed with antioxidants and nutrients. Some teas are better than others for cleansing and detoxing- look out for Puerh, roasted Oolong, and dark green teas for those properties. 

Share the gift of tea this season! Whether it's to share or to treat a loved one, check out our gift collections! If you find yourself in any of these scenarios, here is our Treasure Green Gift Guide to help you out-

“My gift receiver likes tea, and I want a gift that I can’t go wrong with”

  1. Bestseller Assortment- A little taste of all our store favourites, how can you go wrong? Set of 8 teas, $72
  2. Tea Lover Premium Sample- Some of our premium quality bestsellers, smoother, finer flavour. Set of 6 teas, $46

“My gift receiver LOVES tea, is quite knowledgeable about it, and I’d like to wow them with something special”

  1. Oolong Delight- 4 of our most unique Oolong teas, all rich in flavour and silky-smooth in texture. Set of 4 teas, $102
  2. Exclusive Raw/Cooked Puerh- A Treasure Green exclusive collection, beautiful intermediate-level Puerh teas. Set of 2 teas, $63
  3. Tea Master’s Collection- Olivia’s favourites from this year, you can trust this one. Set of 6 teas, $132

“No caffeine please!”

  1. Herbal Assortment- 4 delicious and bright herbal teas, each offering a different flavour profile and packed with health benefits. Set of 4 teas, $50
  2. Wellness Teas- It’s in the name! Keep these stocked at home and they’re best to drink when you’re beginning to come down with the cold or flu. Set of 10 packs, $45

“Something sweet and small, stocking stuffers”

  1. Artisan Jasmine Collection- Beautiful blossoming jasmine teas, each hand-tied with a flower inside its fine jasmine tips. Set of 8 teas, $28
  2. White Gold Nuggets Collection- Look likes chocolate but it's not! They are pressed white teas, truly delicious and full bodied. Set of 8 teas, $22
  3. 2018 Season’s Blend- Orange is the New Black, citrus-y, warm and delicate. 100g tin, $25
  4. Tea Body Oils- A favourite: pure, natural ingredients to nourish and hydrate the face, hands, and body. Bottles starting at $12. 

There you have it! A breakdown of our 2018 holiday gift collections, we hope that you find the one that you're looking for- but if not, we are always happy to customize a collection for you. Just call us at 6046874181 or send an email to!