No Gift Is Too Small- Gifts Under $28

Pictured: Artisan Jasmine Collection

A small, yet thoughtful gift is always an easy way to show your appreciation for special people in your life who have been a part of your past year. Teachers, coworkers, neighbours- send them a little something for the holidays this season!

Here are five gifts under $28 that will go a long way-

White Gold Nuggets Collection
Smooth, velvety aged White Tea, pressed and wrapped in festive foil, and packaged in the perfect set of 8. Each tea ball is packed with rich flavour and subtle sweetness, and can last up to 5 brews!

Artisan Jasmine Collection
A collection of everyone’s favourite blooming Jasmine teas, featuring 3 different florals (Oriental Pearl, Artisan Lilies, Butterfly Love). Watch as a hand-tied flower emerges from within the aromatic tea leaves, and enjoy sips of floral smoothness.

Treasure Green Body Oils
Nourish the skin with clean, natural ingredients- top grade Camelia tea oil scented with beautiful essentials oils for an extra touch of softness. Choose between Blush (rose), Adore (lavender), Inspire (citrus bergamot) aromas, or Glide (unscented) for extra sensitive skin.

Taster Pack of Three
A customized mini collection of taster packs that is suited for all tea lovers (In-store only).

Season’s Blend (Orange Is A New Black)
Our annual Season’s Blend is back and this year, we’re bringing bright citrus flavours to the table. Enjoy a beautiful house blend of Organic Black tea, orange peel, and grenadine, specially crafted by our Tea Master Olivia. 

Just remember, no gift is too small!